As we ramp up into the finals today and tomorrow with the four fleets Gold, Silver, Bronze, & Emerald and competitors are further divided by rankings and performance emotions start to run much higher. It’s easy to think about all the ways that performance didn’t match expectations, but we’re talking about 275 of the world’s best optimist sailors with a wide range of experience. To make it to Worlds is a great achievement in itself, never mind the wealth of skills that are learned through competition at high levels.

The wind was not as strong as yesterday’s 15 knots, but today 5 knots was enough for the Race Committee to run the two scheduled fleet races and still have time to finish the team races. Results after the 8th day of racing by fleet are: Slovenia’s Rok Verderber [SLO 2307] who leads Gold Fleet with 18 points, followed by Singapore’s Jodie Lai [SIN 117] with 41 points, and Norway’s Mathias Berthet [NOR 3819] with 58 points.  Peru’s Mauro Pretto [PER 286] leads Silver Fleet with 149 points, followed by Sweden’s Alice Anna Maria Moss [SWE 4624] with 165 points, and Thailand’s Chanokchon Wangsuk [THA 112] with 169 points. Switzerland’s Solene Mariani [SUI 1608] leads Bronze Fleet with 214 points, followed by Russia’s Denis Lepin [RUS 318] with 217 points, and Wiktor Kaminski [POL 1830] with 219 points.  Latvia’s Robin Li Spats [LAT 72] leads Emerald Fleet with 269 points, followed by Israel’s Jonathan Raudnitz [ISR 150] with 275 points, and Belarus’ Mshenski Ivan [BLR 777] with 285 points.

The highly anticipated last flights of team races did not disappoint. The races were fast paced and emotionally fueled as teams fought quickly and passionately to become World Champions. Flight by flight they were moved through until finally there were only two teams, Thailand and Singapore.  
Thailand beat Spain for their spot, Singapore beat Argentina for theirs resulting in Argentina taking third.  The wind was up to its tricks again and began to decrease as the THA vs. SIN race started. Competitors executed light wind maneuvers and carefully covered their opponents with skill around the course; penalties would be a disaster in these conditions. Team Singapore won the race making them the 2015 IODA World Champion Team! Elated they returned to the marina where they were received warmly with cheers, applause, and congratulations from a gathered crowd. Congratulations Team Singapore!

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