Trolling motors helps to have a beautiful experience of being in the water. Whether you are going fishing or just taking a ride through the waves, it relaxes your mind and revitalizes your body. It is an undeniable fact that water rides are one of the most favorite activities for many. If you want to spend some good time on the water, it is mandatory that you need to have a good kayak or a boat and a good trolling motor with a good battery. Here are some of the things that you need to consider before buying a trolling battery.

Types of trolling batteries

There are three types of trolling motor batteries; they are Flooded Lead Acid batteries, Absorbed Glass Mats (AGM) batteries and Gel batteries. Before you go through the article you can take a look at some of the best trolling motor battery.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

The Flooded Lead Acid Batteries are the most commonly used trolling batteries. The average life of a lead acid battery is two years. The manufacturing cost and the purchase cost are cheaper when compared to the rest.

AGM Batteries

These AGM batteries are designed to provide a constant power supply for a long time period. The AGM batteries have a long life in general. It is said that the AGM batteries generally have a life that is two times of any other battery.

Gel battery

As the name implies, the gel batteries are filled with gels that power the battery. The gel batteries are considered to be the safest batteries. They have high resistance against vibration and idle discharge. Even though these batteries are not available much in the physical stores, you can easily get it in online stores.

Amp-Hour Rating

This is one of the important factors that need to be considered while buying a trolling battery. The Amp-Hour rating is the amount of ampere that the battery is able to discharge within a particular time. For example, if the is a battery is 50 aH, it has the capability to produce 2amps for 25 hrs, 5amps for 10 hours and ten amps for five hours. The amp hour rating must be decided based on the vessel that is used and the weight that it carries.

Cold Cranking Amps

The Cold Cranking Amps often referred as CCA is the number of amps that the battery is capable of releasing in the first thirty seconds when the battery is powdered at zero degrees. This is feature important because it plays a major role while starting the motor. Most of the trolling batteries in the market come with adequate CCA.

Cycle Life

This is one quality that you will see in any product that you buy. Trolling batteries is not an exception. The lifespan of the battery is the life cycle of the battery. The life cycle of the batteries varies from two to four years.  This information will be clearly written in the product description from the company.